About Us

At Whitney Black Angus, we have a small but very powerful herd of quality Angus cattle. Over the years, brood cows have been hand picked from the top sellers in well established herds and sales, then mated with proven AI sires in the breed. You can see the results for yourself in a collection of quiet, functional females with above average but well balanced EPD's. Drop by anytime and take a look at the calves-there is your proof!

Our Pedigrees

Whitney Black Angus has used a totally artificial insemination breeding program since 1985 and it shows. Functional cattle are the cornerstones of the herd but the number one culling trait is ill temperament because we all know that problems propagate trouble. In addition to a quiet disposition, these pedigrees are strong, deep and proven in both performance and carcass traits. Purchased cattle must meet the same rigid standards.